'Pet Celebration' Vase collection: telling your pet's story®

Product description: choose between two shapes of luxe glass vessels for your ‘Pet Celebration’ custom vase. Each vessel will contain the information you provide, based on your completed questionnaire – only the shape of the vessel is different.

Flowers symbolize so many emotional and intangible things, but the most common feelings are those of happiness, love and remembrance. While the symbolisms are endless, the true delicate beauty of a flower unfolds in each and every petal of a bloom.

The appreciation for flowers also extends beyond their physical beauty…many people believe that flowers hold both a deeper spiritual and moral significance. Blooming flowers are a representation of life. Flowers are also known to trigger positive emotions. The vibrant colors and pleasant fragrances they offer can elevate mood and create a sense of happiness and contentment. They also allow us to engage with nature, boosting our focus and concentration.

So what better complement to a gorgeous bouquet of cut blooms in your home than a decorated vase that holds special and unique meaning and pays tribute to our most beloved companion animals? 

Our personalized ‘Pet Celebration’ vases are custom-created with your one-of-a-kind pet taking center stage!  As with our ‘Pet Celebration’ candles, we have extended this theme to honor our companion animals – our best friends…whether they are right by our side or have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  

Our hand-crafted vases are clean and contemporary, and fit any style decor.  The hand-blown clear glass allows for perfect contrast with all types of flowers, and allows your specially-designed label, featuring your special pet, to stand out. And our vases will last a lifetime, with every change of flower arrangement you wish to adorn them with through the years!

Our ‘Pet Celebration’ vases are a thoughtful and timeless gift that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself, or for a birthday, holiday, mother’s day, housewarming or anniversary, our vase collection provides a versatile, unique option for the animal lover in your life!

vase size:  tall vase = 3″l x 3″w x 8″h  – short vase = 4″l x 4″w x 4″h

weight (empty):  tall vase = 31.9 oz. / 904.3 grams  – short vase = 21.3 oz. / 603.8 grams

Glass thickness = 0.16″ and varies slightly due to handmade process. Slight imperfections and natural air bubbling may occur and varies due to hand-blown process.

Our vases are custom-created across all of our “Pet Celebration” candles.  They are customized to complement your individual pet and your individual story.

Our vase labels are water-resistant, and made of all-natural materials with a creamy color for a soft, smooth & inviting look.

We follow a multi-step process of checks and balances to create the most unique, artistic (and accurate!) customized vases just for you!

How it works – please follow our questionnaire process to develop your vase label!:

In order for us to custom create your one-of-a-kind pet vase, we clearly need your input! Once you make your purchase, you will then receive an email direct from J. Lilienne candles entitled “Pet Celebration Vase Questionnaire” — this email will provide a secure link  that will take you to fill out your questionnaire. You must complete & submit your questionnaire before the artistic rendition can begin. Should you have any questions regarding the questionnaire, please reach out to info@jlcustomcandles.com – we are always here to help you!

The user-friendly questionnaire will provide specific areas that you will complete with your information about your pet & your pet’s story. We also encourage you to look at our website to see what other customers have done, which will also provide you with additional inspiration and an example of how the final product will look.  Please note: all information you provide is 100% your choice – you do not have to provide answers to all questions – you can pick & choose what you want or don’t want on the label of your vase!  All information you provide is never shared with any other party.

***J.Lilienne custom candles reserves the right to edit questionnaire content only if necessary to fit within chosen label dimensions.