Winter & New Year collection

☃️ 'tis the season!...introducing our collection of 6 Winter Holiday candles that will envelop you with all the warmth, tradition, and love of celebrating and re-uniting with family, friends and loved ones .... from the wondrous wintertime to ringing in the New Year, with all its glorious possibilities.... our gorgeous candles will conjure all of the fondest of memories and will sweep you right into the month's long whirlwind of celebrations... all wrapped up in translucent and matte glass vessels, topped with mini-stones, crushed botanicals and a splash of sparkling eco-glitter.❄️

Looking for unique Holiday candles? Our hand-crafted collection of Winter & New Year candles offer 6 whimsical motifs….and follow our signature of animal & nature-themed candles.  We were inspired to pair our luxurious fragrances with images that represent the magic of the winter wonderland season!

We created over-sized candles in gorgeous colors: translucent wine & hunter, matte cream and lustrous gold.

Crafted with crackling wooden wicks + natural vegan coco-apricot wax + premium, clean fragrance & essential oils + soft gold lids to keep wax pool clean & protect your candle.

Evergreen – ‘brown paper packages tied up with strings’ – translucent hunter vessel – fraser fir & cedar

Fragrance notes:

head: cypress, lemon peel
heart: evergreen, cedar
anchor: fir, amber, moss

mini chips: moss tree agate – eco-glitters: bronze, emerald, gold – botanicals: juniper greens

Mistletoe – ‘doorbells and sleigh bells and mistletoe kisses’ – translucent hunter vessel – cypress & bayberry

Fragrance notes:

head: eucalyptus
heart: cypress, moss, bayberry
anchor: fir, incense, patchouli

mini chips: green aventurine – eco-glitters: emerald, gold – botanicals: bayberry

Cardinals – ‘cardinals that fly with the moon on their wings’ – translucent wine vessel – cranberry apple & marmalade

Fragrance notes:

head: orange peel, apple
heart: cranberry, brown sugar, cinnamon
anchor: clove, wood

mini chips: red jasper – eco-glitters: ruby, gold – botanicals: pomegranate

Stag – ‘snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes’ – translucent wine vessel – woodland snow & juniper

Fragrance notes:

head: mint, ozone, camphor
heart: eucalyptus, peppermint, cypress, sage
anchor: patchouli, juniper, cedar, spice, incense

mini chips: amber – eco-glitters: bronze, gold – botanicals: chrysanthemum, calendula

Partridge – ‘gold-speckled partridges perched in pear trees’ – lustrous gold vessel – brandied pear & clove

Fragrance notes:

head: cinnamon, clove
heart: pear, apple, apple cider
anchor: brandy, sugar

mini chips: yellow opal – eco-glitters: copper, gold – botanicals: star anise

Dove – ‘silver white winters that melt into spring’ – matte cream vessel – white eucalyptus & mint

Fragrance notes:

head: marine, spearmint, lemon
heart: eucalyptus
anchor: juniper, sea salt, powder

mini chips: clear quartz – eco-glitters: pearl, champagne – botanicals: eucalyptus

Our candles tops are embellished with a light touch that is meant to artistically enhance, not to overpower! We use only organic and eco-friendly ingredients.

*each candle in the winter holiday collection may vary slightly in adornment design.

net volume: 12.0 oz. / 340.2 grams

diameter: 3.75 in.
height: 4.1 in.
burn time: 85 hours +