'Pet Celebration' Candle collection: telling your pet's story with every candle®

Product description: You have a choice of 3 styles of glass vessels for your customized ‘Pet Celebration’ custom candle. Each vessel can contain approximately the same content (based on your completed questionnaire). *note: label dimension area is largest for the cube vessel, followed by the cylinder vessel and then status vessel, therefore you will be able to fit more pet story content/larger picture on your label with the bigger of the vessels.



glass cylinder vessel – 

2 cotton wicks

glass cube vessel – 

2 cotton wicks

glass status vessel –

1 cotton wick

net volume:21.5 oz. / 609.5 grams13.5 oz. / 382.7 grams14.5 oz. / 411.1 grams
diameter:3.75 in.4 in.3.125 in.
height:5.625 in.4 in.6.25 in.
burn time:140 hours +90 hours +95 hours +

We use a coco apricot wax blend that is vegan and cruelty-free – nothing is ever tested on animals!

Our fragrance blends are custom-created across all of our “Pet Celebration” candles.  They are customized to complement your individual pet and your individual story.

Our fragrances are of the highest quality available globally and are compliant with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. Every scent blend created is phthalate-free and carcinogen-free.  They are blended using non-toxic fragrance oils and essential oils, and are both human and pet-friendly. Please note: as our pet candle customers are pet owners themselves, we have purposely crafted our scent blends to provide gorgeous fragrance aroma without over-powering our collective noses!

Our additives are natural and organic, bio-degradable and eco-friendly, with no pesticides or plastics.

We use 100% cotton, lead-free wicks. 

Our matte labels are made of all-natural materials with a creamy color for a soft, smooth & inviting look.

Included on every pet candle label is a complimentary pet poem that touches the heart & stirs the soul.

We follow a multi-step process of checks and balances to create the most unique, artistic (and accurate!) customized candles just for you!

How it works – please follow our questionnaire process to develop your pet candle label!:

In order for us to custom create your one-of-a-kind pet candle, we clearly need your input! Once you make your purchase, you will then receive an email direct from J. Lilienne Custom Candles entitled “Pet Celebration Candle Questionnaire” — this email will provide a secure link that will take you to fill out your questionnaire. You must complete & submit your questionnaire before the artistic rendition can begin. Should you have any questions regarding the questionnaire, please reach out to info@jlcustomcandles.com – we are always here to help you!

The user-friendly questionnaire will provide specific areas that you will complete with your information about your pet & your pet’s story. We also encourage you to look at our website to see what other customers have done, which will also provide you with additional inspiration and an example of how the final product will look.  Please note: all information you provide is 100% your choice – you do not have to provide answers to all questions – you can pick & choose what you want or don’t want on the label of your candle!  All information you provide is never shared with any other party.

Custom Fragrance and Adornments:

The fragrance blend for your unique individual candle will be customized based on our artistic interpretation of the information you provide to us in your completed questionnaire. Our candles tops are embellished with a light touch that is meant to artistically enhance, not to overpower! Along with your candle, you will receive your specific custom fragrance scent notes and candle top adornments details, including:

👤 – head notes   💛 – heart notes   🧍🏻‍♀️ – body notes   💎 – stones, crystals, mini chips   🪴 – organic botanicals, herbs   ✨ – eco-micas, eco-glitters

*some of our customers prefer an “UNSCENTED” candle – should you desire this option, you can choose this on your questionnaire.

**should you be allergic to or simply do not like a particular scent or scent family, you will also have the option to note this on your questionnaire.

***J.Lilienne Custom Candles reserves the right to edit questionnaire content only if necessary to fit within chosen label dimensions.