Autumn Harvest collection

🍂 falling into fall!...introducing our collection of 7 Fall Holiday candles that span the breadth of the season....from Halloween to Autumn Harvest to Thanksgiving. Let them pull you right into the magical coziness of our all-time favorite season..all wrapped up in colored matte glass vessels, topped with crushed flowers / herbs and a splash of sparkling eco-glitter.🍁

Looking for unique Autumn candles? Our hand-crafted collection of Autumn Harvest candles offer 7 whimsical motifs….and follow our signature of animal & nature-themed candles.  We were inspired to pair our luxurious fragrances with images that represent the magic of the fall holiday season!

We created over-sized candles in gorgeous matte colors: black, smoke, persimmon, umber, canary, clay and sage. 

Crafted with crackling wooden wicks + natural vegan coco-apricot wax + premium, clean fragrance & essential oils + soft black, gold & wooden lids to keep wax pool clean & protect your candle.

Black Cat – ‘good luck comes on little cat feet’ – matte black vessel – clove, tobacco, sandalwood

Fragrance notes:

head: clovebud, cinnamon bark, lily
heart: tobacco leaf, cassia, black dahlia
anchor: sandalwood, patchouli, raw sugar

mini chips: onyx – eco-glitters: onyx, gold – botanials: jasmine, snow chrysanthemum

Raven Spirit – ‘guardian spirit, of mischief & magic’ – matte smoke vessel – blackberry, currant, absinthe

Fragrance notes:

head: anise, eucalyptus, saffron
heart: blackberry, black currant, basil
anchor: fennel, dark musk, tonic bean, amber

mini chips: lepidolite – eco-glitters: onyx, amethyst – botanicals: lavender

Pumpkin Patch – ‘apple picking & pumpkin patches’ – matte persimmon vessel – cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg

Fragrance notes:

head: cinnamon, fig, caramelized sugar
heart: brown sugar, cardamom, nutmeg
anchor: dark musk, amber

mini chips: red jasper – eco-glitters: tangerine, bronze, gold – botanicals: safflower

Autumn Leaves – ‘a walk in the woods’ – matte umber vessel – chrysanthemum, greens, cedar

Fragrance notes:

head: cinnamon, citrus, chrysanthemum
heart: green leaves, berries, apple
anchor: pecan, cedar

mini chips: petrified wood – eco-glitters: tangerine, bronze, emerald, gold – botanicals: chrysanthemum, calendula

Sunflower Fields – ‘blankets of sunflower fields’ – matte canary vessel – sunflower, bergamot, tonic bean

Fragrance notes:

head: yuzu, bergamot, acai
heart: sunflower, freesia, daisy petals
anchor: tonka bean, cedar wood, amber

mini chips: yellow opal – eco-glitters: gold – botanicals: marigold

Pumpkin Bouquet – ‘gather together, friends & family’ – matte clay vessel – brown sugar, fig, amber

Fragrance notes:

head: fig, caramelized sugar, sea salt
heart: brown sugar, greens
anchor: dark musk, lemon, amber

mini chips: fire agate – eco-glitters: bronze – botanicals: albizia

Thanksgiving Table – ‘with gratitude & hope for peace’ – matte sage vessel – apple, sage, bourbon

Fragrance notes:

head: apple, pineapple
heart: sage, bourbon
anchor: coconut water, amber, musk

mini chips: green aventurine, amber – eco-glitters: emerald, bronze – botanicals: honey bush sage

Our candles tops are embellished with a light touch that is meant to artistically enhance, not to overpower! We use only organic and eco-friendly ingredients.

*each candle in the autumn harvest collection may vary slightly in adornment design.

net volume: 12.0 oz. / 340.2 grams

diameter: 3.75 in.
height: 4.1 in.
burn time: 85 hours +