Rhino candle

celebrates “world rhino day” – 22 september

Product description:
World rhino day aims to pay tribute to africa’s armoured giant. Like a massive tank on legs, the rhinoceros has been on our planet for millions of years.

This critically endangered species is being poached for its horns and it is also losing its habitat. Sadly, there are no ‘northern’ white rhinos left in the wild today, and only 5,000 of the black rhino remain in the wild.

World rhino day is an opportunity for celebration of all 5 species of rhino: black, white, greater one-horned, sumatran and javan rhinos.

Our candles help raise awareness and we invite you to join us in celebrating world rhino day! #worldrhinoday #september22

3 rhino fun facts: white and black rhinos are the same color…despite the names, both species of african rhino have grey skin. the name rhinoceros means ‘nose horn.’ rhinos are speed machines running at 30-40 miles per hour.

fragrance: sweetgrass & violet

Our “world rhino day” candle transports you deep into the plains of the african savanna, where with a little patience and time, the rhino can be found quietly gazing & roaming the grasslands. As a precious link to our planet’s ancient past, each species possesses a very interesting and versatile personality. Calmness and stubbornness, curiosity and explosive belligerence all co-mingle and live intertwined within the blue-grey exterior of the rhino’s complex make-up. These fascinating creatures also play a crucial role in balancing their environment, helping to shape the african landscape, and benefiting their fellow animals.

To capture the essence of the esteemed rhino, our fragrance is infused with top notes of green grass and bergamot. Aromatic lavender and sage elevate the herbal aspect of the scent, while watery cucumber balances a hint of violet. The soothing fragrance has a touch of oakmoss in the base — an accord of fresh cut sweetgrass, garden herbs, and wildflowers gives this scent a crisp outdoorsiness and aromatic depth.

fragrance notes:

head: bergamot, grass
heart: lavender, cucumber, sage
anchor: oakmoss, violet

our candles tops are embellished with a light touch that is meant to artistically enhance, not to overpower!
stones, crystals, mini chips: botswana agate, blue chalcedony, labradorite – flowers, herbs: gotu kola leaves – micas, glitters: light dusting of cobalt & steel

net volume: 14.5 oz. / 411.1 grams

diameter: 3.125 in.
height: 6.25 in.
burn time: 95 hours +