Limited Edition candles - Jane Goodall collection

🐒 we've designed a special '90th birthday celebration' candle to honor a pioneer, a trailblazer, an icon...our heroine...Dr. Jane Goodall {b.: April 3, 1934} - featuring her beloved chimpanzee, a species that she has fought tirelessly to understand, to protect, and to ensure that they continue to survive and thrive in our world.

 ‘only if we understand, can we care. only if we care, we will help. only if we help, we shall be saved.’ – Dr. Jane Goodall

Our 2-candle collection celebrates not only her astonishing and landmark studies of chimpanzees, but also her true advocacy for the environment and all of its inhabitants.  Dr. Jane Goodall bridges the link between the natural world, the animal kingdom and the human species, and expertly demonstrates how we are all connected. She serves as an exemplar role-model for women and girls all over the world.

Crafted with crackling wooden wicks + natural vegan coco-apricot wax + premium, clean fragrance & essential oils + soft cork lids to keep wax pool clean & protect your candle.

Jane I – chimpanzee – ’90th birthday celebration’ – matte sand vessel – hibiscus – honey – ylang ylang

Fragrance notes: head: hibiscus, white lily, green tea – heart: honey, clover, eucalyptus – anchor: ylang ylang, vanilla, wood, musk

stones, crystals, mini chips: apricot agate – eco-glitters: champagne botanicals: hibiscus

Jane II – chimpanzee – ’90th birthday celebration’- matte khaki vessel – palo santo – saffron – elemi

Fragrance notes: head: elemi, chinotto – heart: palo santo, clove, saffron, cypress – anchor: cedarwood, black wood

stones, crystals, mini chips: dalmatian jasper – eco-glitters: gold digger – botanicals:  chamomile

Our candles tops are embellished with a light touch that is meant to artistically enhance, not to overpower!

*each candle in the dragon collection may vary slightly in adornment design.

net volume: 12.0 oz. / 340.2 grams

diameter: 3.75 in.
height: 4.1 in.
burn time: 85 hours +