Candle and wax melt usage & safety


  • Please handle your candle with love! Take good care when removing it from the packaging & hold your candle with clean hands to avoid smudging and damage to the label (please note: your candle label is not waterproof)
  • When removing the lid, there may be a few pieces of stones, crystals or flowers that have come loose during shipping. If so, you can simply place these back on the top of your candle, toward the edges of the glass, before lighting. You can also remove any of the candle top adornments before lighting, or is you find once your candle is lit and they are falling into the wick causing it to extinguish, you can also remove them when candle is not alight.
  • As each candle is individually hand-crafted, individually hand-poured and individually customized, slight imperfections can be present. If you see any bubbling in the label over time, please (carefully!) use a plastic card to gently smooth out the affected surface area or slightly prick area with a small headpin and smooth it out.
  • Place your lid on you candle between lightings to keep your candle top & melt pool free of dust & debris.
  • Trim wick to 1/4″ before each lighting (1/8″ for wooden wicks) – this will prevent a tall flame which creates smoking, soot & an uneven burn. – If you see any black smoke during lighting, trim the tip of the wick.
  • For initial lighting, light all candle wicks, and burn until wax fully melts across surface to edge of glass – this allows your candle to perform at its best, as it allows the candle to burn evenly and prevents the candle from tunneling.
  • Do not burn more than 3-4 hours at a time.
  • Keep wick centered & wax pool free of debris – gently nudge wick after extinguishing to re-center wick, if necessary.
  • If crystals, stones, botanicals or herbs fall onto wicks, gently guide the crystals back to the glass sides/edges with a metal spoon once wax has cooled, or remove them entirely.
  • Never leave candle alight without supervision.
  • Burn on a level, heat-safe surface, do not move candle when lit, and always keep away from children, pets, drafts and any flammable objects.
  • When each burn time is done, place lid on candle to protect from debris & damage.
  • Neither seller nor manufacturer is responsible for any damage or injury that results from improper use.

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