Candle re-purposing ideas

Do not burn your candle all the way down. Once you start to see the top of the wick holder, your candle has burned close enough to the bottom and is no longer safe to light.

You can now clean and re-purpose your glass container

  • However, you cannot submerge the glass in water or place in microwave to get loose wax out – the paper label will become damaged or catch fire. 
  • Instead, carefully place your cooled, burnt-out candle in the freezer just until it starts to harden, about ½ – 1 hour or until hard enough to scoop out easily.
  • With either clean hands or gloves, carefully pop and scoop out remaining wax with a spoon or butter knife
  • Repeat until any wax remnants are gone and wipe out with a clean paper towel with a small amount of alcohol or vinegar. You may have to do this several times to really get the glass clean. 
  • Once your candle is cleaned out, there are so many ways in which you can re-purpose your candle, giving it a second life!  Here are some of our favorite uses:
    • add votives or tealights
    • hold wick trimmer, matchsticks, or incense sticks
    • add fresh-cut flowers or herbs from the garden
    • hold for paintbrushes, fountain pens, pencils, make-up brushes
    • add healing crystals and stones
    • add polished seaglass and seashells 
    • hold smudge sticks, burning sage, potpourri
    • display assortment of tea bags
    • store dog and cat treats


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