Springtime collection

🦁In like a lion, out like a lamb🐑...Spring is that enchanting time of year that offers so much to love! We get to 'begin again' and celebrate regrowth, regeneration and renewal. We're cleaning house and bringing in a new candle collection that covers this loveliest of seasons... Easter to Spring to Mother's Day!

Looking for unique Springtime candles? Our NEW hand-crafted collection of Easter & Mother’s Day candles offers our signature, whimsical animal & natural world themed motifs….all softly blushed & cream-kissed! We were inspired to pair our luxurious fragrances with classic Easter animals, gorgeous botanicals, and sweet mothers + babies in the wild.  

We created over-sized candles in gorgeous matte colors: cloud, canary, lilac, cream, peach, soft blush and creamy white. Our watercolor motifs are framed in classical springtime color schemes, accompanied by some of our favorite songs & sentiments that represent the season.

Crafted with crackling wooden wicks + natural vegan coco-apricot wax + premium, clean fragrance & essential oils + light wooden lids to keep wax pool clean & protect your candle.

Easter & Spring – Our 2 Easter candles (bunnies & chicks) are traditional, followed by our springtime florals and favorite feathered friend to represent the season!

Mother’s Day – These featured florals (orchid, daffodils, lilies and iris) will last for a long time, something cherished mothers will appreciate!  And, our wildlife mother + baby pairs (penguin, swan, fox) show all moms just how much a mother’s love is treasured!

This spring, join us in starting anew and filling your homes with luxurious scents to start the season off right..and share with those you love…our candles will make the perfect, unique and thoughtful gift that will fill your friends & families homes with freshness and peace!

Bunnies – ‘come in with the rain’ – matte cloud vessel – bluebells, cucumber, lilies

Fragrance notes:

head: white lily, cucumber
heart: green tea, apple, eucalyptus
anchor: bamboo, wood, musk

mini chips: sodalite – eco-glitters: sky blue – botanicals: bluebells

Chicks – ‘pocketful of sunshine’ – matte canary vessel – gardenia, grapefruit, ylang

Fragrance notes:

head: grapefruit, white lily
heart: gardenia, jasmine, cedarwood
anchor: ylang ylang, sandalwood, vanilla

mini chips: citrine – eco-glitters: pineapple – botanicals: calendula

Orchid – ‘it might as well be spring’ – matte lilac vessel – lilac, mimosa, orchid

Fragrance notes:

head: orange leaves, bergamot
heart: orchid, mimosa, white jasmine, lilac
anchor: patchouli, musk

mini chips: amethyst – eco-glitters: lilac – botanicals: lavender

Daffodils – ‘here comes the sun’ – matte canary vessel – daffodils, honeydew melon, lemongrass

Fragrance notes:

head: honeydew melon, bergamot, lemongrass
heart: daffodil, cyclamen, narcissus
anchor: patchouli, white amber

mini chips: yellow opal  – eco-glitters: pineapple – botanicals: marigold

Lilies – ‘lullaby of spring’ – matte cream vessel – tiger lily, pink lycée, hibiscus

Fragrance notes:

head: pink lychee, bird of paradise, valencia orange
heart: tiger lily, hibiscus, mimosa
anchor: sandalwood, teakwood, musk

mini chips: citrine – eco-glitters: pearl – botanicals: jasmine, osmanthus

Iris – ‘beautiful day’ – matte peach vessel – dark rose, labdanum, plum

Fragrance notes:

head: plum, pink peppercorn, grapefruit
heart: black rose, cumin
anchor: labdanum, vanilla, patchouli

mini chips: morganite  – eco-glitters: peach  – botanicals: roses

Hummingbird – ‘up with the birds’ – matte white vessel – ambrosia apple, hyacinth, violet

Fragrance notes:

head: hyacinth, lemon, pear
heart: apple blossom, lilac
anchor: violet, sandalwood, amber

mini chips: white quartz – eco-glitters: umber red – botanicals: peach blossom

Penguin + baby – ‘like my mother does’ – matte blush vessel – kakadu plum & amber

Fragrance notes:

head: bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin
heart: jasmine, rhubarb, raspberry
anchor: sugar plum, amber

mini chips: lepidolite – eco-glitters: lilac – botanicals: forget-me-nots

Swan + baby – ‘mother knows best’ – matte blush vessel – magnolia & peony

Fragrance notes:

head: cherry blossom, bergamot
heart: magnolia, peony, freesia
anchor: amber, green leaves

mini chips: pink jasper – eco-glitters: champagne pink – botanicals: peonies

Fox + baby – ‘a mother’s love’ – matte blush vessel – bergamot & ambergris

Fragrance notes:

head: bergamot, verbena, grapefruit
heart: neroli, orange blossom
anchor: ambergris, vetiver, amberwood

mini chips: fire agate – eco-glitters: bronze – botanicals: honeybush

Our special edition Father’s Day candle celebrates our love, respect and gratitude for all the knowledge, strength and guidance our dads have passed down to us through the years.  With its masculine candle scent and design, it will suit any man’s home.

Lion + baby – ‘I learned from you’ – matte umber vessel – vetiver & suede

Fragrance notes:

head: grapefruit, lemon, sage
heart: vetiver, oakmoss, orris
anchor: musk, lily, cedarwood, cypress

Our candles tops are embellished with a light touch that is meant to artistically enhance, not to overpower! We use only organic and eco-friendly ingredients.

*each candle in the springtime collection may vary slightly in adornment design — our Father’s Day candle has no adornments.

net volume: 12.0 oz. / 340.2 grams

diameter: 3.75 in.
height: 4.1 in.
burn time: 85 hours +