Elephant candle

celebrates “world elephant day” – 12 august

Product description:
World elephant day aims to honor our largest land animal, an exalted creature that personifies prehistoric beauty, theological relevance, and environmental importance.

It is estimated that every day, 100 african elephants are killed by poachers. The desire for ivory in asian and other markets has led to the continued slaughter of hundreds of thousands of elephants.

World elephant day focuses on their preservation and protection, as both asian and african elephants are vulnerable to threats of habitat loss, poaching, and mistreatment in captivity and tourist attractions.

Our candles help raise awareness and we invite you to join us in celebrating world elephant day! #worldellieday #august1

3 ellie fun facts: elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror. calves can fully stand within 20 minutes of birth. an elephant’s trunk weighs 400 pounds — but can pick up things as small as a single grain of rice.

fragrance: himalayan bamboo

Our “world elephant day” candle transports you to the foot of mount kilimanjaro in tanzania, africa’s highest mountain. This is home to a successful elephant family with dozens of members whose daily life consists of sleeping, eating, drinking, playing, and traveling. Every afternoon, the close-knit herd of weathered-grey ellies comes down to the river to drink, and after playing and communicating harmoniously with each other, they gather during the hottest part of the day to take rest and refuge under the shade of the nearby large, ancestral trees.

To capture the essence of the magnificent elephant, our fragrance is infused with a complex union of bamboo foliage and green florals. The natural, subtle character of this fragrance is calming rather than overwhelming — breathe deeply, relax and find your center with this light fragrance inspired by a soothing medley of green bamboo leaves and cucumber meshed with violet and bergamot.

fragrance notes:

head: bergamot, cantaloupe, agave
heart: bamboo, cucumber, green leaves
anchor: moss, amber, violet

our candles tops are embellished with a light touch that is meant to artistically enhance, not to overpower!
stones, crystals, mini chips: smokey quartz, aquamarine, african turquiose – flowers, herbs: bamboo leaves – micas, glitters: light dusting of olive & charcoal

net volume: 14.5 oz. / 411.1 grams

diameter: 3.125 in.
height: 6.25 in.
burn time: 95 hours +