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( contains copyrighted materialtrademarks and other proprietary information. You may not modifypublishtransmitdistributeparticipate in the transfer of or salecreate derivative worksreproduce, or in any way exploit, any of the contentcode, or software on, or any platform associated with business conducted on, in whole or in part.

As an example, “ ‘Pet Celebration’ Custom Candles – telling your pet’s story with every candle®” is a Registered Trademark slogan and cannot be used by any person or company other than J.Lilienne Custom Candles.

The creative content that appears on this website, (, including all candle label designs, all pet and candle product photographs, candle questionnaire, and illustrations, are wholly originally created and copyrighted. This also applies to the afore mentioned J.Lilienne Custom Candles content that also appears in Social Media platforms, PR, and any marketing materials. They are not to be copied, reproduced or used by any other person or any other business entity, either online or offline, in any form. (exceptions to this include any commonly used verbiage and standard business practice information, such as privacy policy, basic terms of service, etc.)

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