Limited Edition candles - Dragon collection

šŸ‰ ā€œthe dragons are comingā€...and are now available! šŸ‰ 2024 is the Year of the Dragon...a special ā€˜Limited Editionā€™ candle celebrating our favorite mythological creatureā€¦the legendary dragon.

Fire-breathing, giant-winged, flying dragons are not real animals. But sometimes, we wish they were! Can you imagine? We revel in their magical mysteriousness, their power, vitality and majestry. We envision them as all-knowing, all-mighty creatures that bring divine justice to us mere humans. So we just could not help ourselves, and had to create our own Dragon Candle – ‘rekindle your soul’s fire’

A candle that celebrates dragons and our imagination – makes the perfect gift for your favorite ā€œmother of dragonsā€ & ā€œbreaker of chains!ā€

5-candle collection: ravenwing, greysmoke, bloodwine, jadestone, goldenflame

Crafted with crackling wooden wicks + natural vegan coco-apricot wax + premium, clean fragrance & essential oils + soft black or gold lids to keep wax pool clean & protect your candle.

Fragrance: dragon’s blood

Scented with the intoxicating & mysterious Dragonā€™s Blood fragrance: a bright red resin harvested from a variety of different plants commonly referred to as ā€œdragon trees,ā€ it has been used for centuries in medicine, incense, & dye. Experience a potent, heady blend of sweet, spicy, & earthy notes, infused with cedarwood, orange, clove, & patchouli natural essential oils.

Fragrance notes:

head: orange, orange blossomĀ – heart: cedar, patchouli, clove – anchor: tonka bean, incense, sandalwood

Our candles tops are embellished with a light touch that is meant to artistically enhance, not to overpower!

Ravenwing: (matte black vessel) – stones, crystals, mini chips: tourmaline, hematiteĀ – micas, glitters:Ā onyx, gold

Greysmoke: (matte smoke vessel) – stones, crystals, mini chips: apatite, indigo gabbo, african turquoise, green bloodstone – micas, glitters:Ā teal blue, gold

Bloodwine: (matte wine vessel) – stones, crystals, mini chips: red jasper, red bloodstoneĀ – micas, glitters:Ā bordeaux, gold

Jadestone: (matte jade vessel) – stones, crystals, mini chips: serpentine, jadeĀ – micas, glitters:Ā emerald, gold

Goldenflame: (iridescent gold vessel) – stones, crystals, mini chips: carnelian, red aventurine, citrineĀ – micas, glitters:Ā burnt orange, gold

*each candle in the dragon collection may vary slightly in adornment design.

net volume: 12.0 oz. / 340.2 grams

diameter: 3.75 in.
height: 4.1 in.
burn time: 85 hours +